In the Pre-Kakatiyan period Kapus referred to soldiers and agriculturists.

Some of the occupations or responsibilities that “Kapus” had in the medieval period:

Village defence committees (Kapu)

Administration (Pedda Kapu)

People responsible for protecting the farms from bandits and those protecting livestock were (Panta Kapu).

Kapu Community primarily served as Protectors of villages from Bandits in the Medieval Ages who later took to other Professions like Village heads and Farmers during times of peace.

During times of war they also served as Soldiers, Governors (Nayaks), Commanders in many of the Andhra Dynasties.Hence the term Nayaka/Naidu became synonymous with the community.

Modern day Kapu Community is predominantly are an Agrarian community diversified into Business, Industry, Films, Academia, and IT etc.