Though several Kapus settled in Delhi and NCR for several years and there is enormous floating strength of the Community for short periods, the interaction among the members was minimal due to various factors like lack of intimacy and paucity of time.

On account of lack of associating due to these factors, the community members could not help each other. The Association formed with a view to derive benefits of oneness and unity and to facilitate marriage alliances, employment opportunities in the year 1994.

Every year one/two get-togethers were organized which include in-door gatherings with dinner/lunch., which strengthen the relations ship among members of the association. In some of the get-togethers, prominent persons like Shri Shiv Shankar, Shri V Hanumanth Rao, MP (Rajya Sabha), Sri Vagaveeti Radha, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ . In the get togethers association conducted other Programmes like various sports and cultural activities.

The strength of the Association enormously increased over the years. Association was supported by Shri. M. Venketeshwarlu, Shri T Nandagopal, Shri Y Apparao, Shri T Balaswamy and Shri G Ravikumar, Shri G Veerraju, Shri. TD Reddemma ---- ------ ------ ----- ----- ------- ---- ---- --- and many others.